Roads of Gujarat and Rajasthan

I have been living in Rajasthan, India for last 5 years and have traveled this state widely. I have also traveled Gujarat as its near.

Roads in Gujarat and Rajasthan
Roads in Gujarat and Rajasthan

I know that roads in Rajasthan are good, and I know many would agree with me. It has fairly good road network in every places.

While many people may think, its Modi Magic, but truth is, Gujarat had always the best roads in India. Modi ensured that it remained so. And only thing Modi did was to put that electric posts and ensured that it always energy.

Also, Gujartis seem to be very enterprising in nature. They always look for making profits, while people like us, from North East India, we always look for make some fun, not profit, I saw such similarity with some people in Rajasthan too! No wonder, I am living in Rajatshan 😛

But most probably, the ‘development’ in Gujarat will take its toll soon, they have been using plastics in a big way, even for water. They sell water pouch for Rs. 5, and most of the time these pouches end up in drainage systems.

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