Marwadi Hoon Na!

Sukhoi 30 MKI

Marwadi or Marwari represents people from present day Jodhpur area ( Marwar region), but it normally means people from Rajasthan who are into business of any type. They have spread through out India and also many parts of the world.

I live in Udaipur, but I am not Marwadi. A Marwadi has certain characteristics, normally, if they have or get Rs. 1000, they somehow manage to convert that to Rs. 5000 a year. I normally spend that Rs. 1000/- in a day or two, if I get it and if I have nothing to do with it.

I have been in touch with Jitendra Jain for last one year through internet and finally could stay in his house on 30th March 2016. And it was one of those experiences I always look forward to.

His favourite dialogue is “Marwadi hoon na” ( As I am Marwadi). He has achieved everything one can hope for in short 35 years of life and he has performed all his responsibilities as man of the house best way possible!

He buys best of the stuff, brand new in the lowest price. And if one wonders how, his reply would be “Marwadi hoon na”. Just to give an example, he buys return air ticket to Srinagar at Rs. 5000/-, when normal people like us pay more than that for one way trip.

He has big flat in one of most beautiful places in Mumbai, but his house is really interesting! He has minimum possible furniture in all the rooms. It is just amazing! And its wonderful! Money is not the criteria here. His house is one of the best houses I have lived so far. Its lean, looks amazingly clean, elegant, airy, get enough natural light.

He has amazing family of his mother who uses IPhone 6S, very caring wife and sister. Typical Indian family living together. yes, they are vegetarian and they cook amazing Indian food, Jain food. It was really pity that I did not eat much as I have been trying to reduce weight.

He is an authority on search engine optimisation in India and makes money online. But he is not famous unlike many in this trade. But he is well known to people who matter and who wants their job done and want to pay for it. This was something new for me in this age of Facebook! His reply is, “Marwadi hoon na”.

It has been amazing time, discussing almost all topics under the sun and still we could not finish discussing. He has treasure of information to share and I would say Google himself. It was a mind boggling experience to have met such well read person.

Hope to see him again, soon.

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