Fleecing Foreigners in India

Kenneth and Uttam Pegu in Udaipur

I am not a foreigner in India and I am very much Indian citizen, that too by birth and my ancestors have been in India long before Indian gained independence in 1947. I look more ‘Asian’ than ‘Indian’ and most probably, that is the reason I have been experiencing fleecing here in India in almost […]

Marwadi Hoon Na!

Sukhoi 30 MKI

Marwadi or Marwari represents people from present day Jodhpur area ( Marwar region), but it normally means people from Rajasthan who are into business of any type. They have spread through out India and also many parts of the world. I live in Udaipur, but I am not Marwadi. A Marwadi has certain characteristics, normally, […]