The very first question I am asked, as soon as I introduce myself as blogger to any one, is “How I earn for living ?”!

I find it hard to reply, even when I reply, I do not find people to be convinced. So I thought, if you are really curious, here are how I earn from blogging:-

1. I earn from inquiries sent to my blogs. People do send inquiries about IVR Software requirements. I pass on them to related IVR companies and I earn from them.

2. I earn some from advertisements in my blogs.

3. I earn from Google Adsense. Not much. But I earn some. But one day, I hope to earn good amount from Google AdSense. According to me, Google AdSense can provide one regular and sufficient earning per month if one devotes proper time in blogging!

4. I have ancestral land and I do farming there. I want to go back to my village and do farming and blog, full time.

5. I am trying to learn and earn from photography. It is difficult, but I am trying.

Blogging, Farming an Photography are three fields where I would like to earn my living. Presently, these are not main bread earner, but I hope to achieve soon.

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