As per latest report, 22 people have reportedly lost their lives in New York City in a devastating hurricane Sandy which struck east coast of USA yesterday. Millions of people went without power and people are updating their Facebook status as having to have candle light dinner!

Once again, nature has proved itself to be much more powerful than humans with so much progress in technology and information! Humans become helpless in front of natures fury again and again.

It has not only affected USA< but even India. There are reports from Jaipur that jewellery companies from Jaipur have lost at least Rs. 15 crore so far and the daily loss is about Rs. seven crore. That is the amount they export to USA daily. How do I fare in this time of Hurricane Sandy ? Well, my blog stat shows visitors down by 40% across all blogs. AdSense Earning down by almost 70%. So, it is a globalised world, even a small person like me gets affected due to hurricane in USA. Apart from this, almost all TV channels in India are discussing about Hurricane Sandy with live footage. Social media is also abuzz with second by second updates. Hope now that hurricane Sandy is showing signs of slowing down, the relief and re-construction would begin!

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