While traveling around India, as well as some other South Asian countries, I have observed that, the migrant communities normally live in and around railway stations! I have not found any difference in this pattern even in Raurkela, in my numerous visits here!

Raurkela was a place of Adivasis ( original inhabitants of India, now classified as scheduled tribes) as I heard. I have done any studies about this, so I can not vouch any truth in it. But, I can vouch that, the areas near Rourkela railway station, is inhabited by migrant community, who can not be local here! I found many Rajasthani people, Bengali People, Bihari People who can not be local here! I mean they are migrant here, may be living here for long time. Thanks to Raurkela Steel Plant, this town also have migrant community from almost all states from India, in last 50 years!

I wonder, why migrant communities normally live near railway stations. I have thought of many things why it is so, but I am afraid to write them here as of now because of political conditions in this country. But I have stored them somewhere in case I forget what I have thought at this time.

But, I am sure this is interesting, I have not searched Google enough to learn if some one already did a research on it.

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