I tried to sell two things in Quickr, once a almost new Nikon D5100 DSLR with kit-lens and the other time, I tried to sell my Nikon AF-S 70-300mm ED VR lens. Both the times, I was contacted buy Nigerian Net fraudsters!

The first one posed as an wife of Indian Oil executives posted in Nigeria and asked me to ship the camera to some address Nairobi. Another one posed as doctor in United Kingdom. It was interesting experience, these fraudsters think that it is easy to dupe people!

One lady went on to such extent that she even sent me some bogus PayPal payment notification which I could capture only when I actually ship the material and give them valid courier tracking number! I was almost tempted to courier half a KG of camera sized rock! But when I found out that the cost of such shipment is above Rs. 3000/-, I resisted myself from throwing away money!

For the lens, one Max Alen, who works United Nations ( wow, so trustworthy!) inquired if I could ship it to Nigeria. He was willing to wire transfer, Paypal to send the money! I wish these guys were enterprising in some better things in life!

Anyway, I am yet to get cheated on internet, but I have learnt my lessons!

Quickr seems to be mostly used by these fraudsters. I put up the same ads in OLX, but never got any such fraud enquiry! Looks like Quickr is quite optimized and gets lot of visitor from African countries! I have learnt:-

1. Never ship your product till you get the money in your bank account!

2. It is better to deal in local town/city face to face.

3. One should always Google the name, email ID or the domain name in the email id. Many use gmail, so it is not easy to do a background check on net too!

Have you tried to sell your product and got duped ?

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