After waiting 20 agonising days, I got my 8 Months old Nikon D7000 repaired ( well, they replaced the complete prism box, cleaned the sensor), after 10 days and after 800 clicks, a bright sensor spot started appearing! Well, I put the lens Sigma 150-500mm on this body Nikon D7000 on 21st Feb 2013, at Nikon Service Centre, Jaipur and never removed it once! I even shot few nigh portrait shots with flash using the same lens, just to avoid getting any dust!

So, I assume, this Nikon D7000 has a serious issue of dust problem. While Googling about “Dust problem in Nikon D7000”, I found many users too with similar problems and similar experience like sending it for cleaning, work for few days, but dust gathers quickly all over again! When I posted my status message about my sensor dust spot issue, I got replies form few Nikon owners who shared similar experiences!

Today, I sent pictures of sensor spot in both test images as well as actual real life images to Nikon India support as well as directly to Nikon Service Centre at Jaipur, Rajasthan. I also spoke to Nikon Service centre person about the problem and I am yet to hear back from them.

The spot appears with F20 and disappears after f/8 or wider. I have put some image here for record.

I am just thinking what to do with a Rs. 69000/- equipment which seems to have lot of quality issues!

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