I am not sure what does it mean, but I have seen many job seekers in Assam ( specially my relatives) always visit local MLA/MP for some recommendation letter for job where some recruitment is going on. I tried to search Google “Can MP/MLA in India recommend a candidate in recruitment process ?” and it did not produce any satisfactory result.

I do not know, if MP/MLA can recommend some candidate for any job or not, but I see many candidates in Assam visiting their local MLA/MP for that. I mean how does that work ? I know surely for SSC ( Staff Selection Commission) of the NER ( North Eastern Region) that if they get such letter, they simply throw them into dustbin.

So, why do job seeking candidates seek such ‘recommendation letter’ from MP/MLA ? Does it actually help ? Is it legal ? Do you know anyone who actually got some job by these kind of recommendation letters ?

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