Dish TV
Finally, I am happy to have kicked out Airtel Digital TV from my home and brought in DishTV. It was a painful experience with Airtel Diagital TV and I urge everyone who likes not to be taken for a ride and expect reasonably good customer service, should get rid of Airtel Digital TV as soon as possible.

Here are main reasons for discarding Airtel Digital TV:

1. Though Airtel advertises that they have an à la carte option where user can opt for the channels through their website, that does not work. Actually, whole of Airtel website is full of bugs. And if you call their customer care number, then they will say, ohh, it does not support that browser, that version etc etc. Is not hat amazingly stupid for a company like Airtel ? I tried to get à la carte many times, but did not succeed.

2. I had sent emails to Airtel Digital TV with list of channels I wanted to activate, but it went unanswered! Three times! Can you imagine such callous customer support in these days? I sincerely hope, Airtel Digital TV should should shut shop start selling onions. Compare this withDishTV, I sent them an email and I got call after 30 seconds! Now thats what I call customer service of 21st century.

3. Airtel Twitter Handle is a joke. Most of the time it does not reply. I think whole of Airtel customer service is joke now a days. No self respecting people should call up Airtel Customer care numbers for any help. They just dont respond.

Actaully, I feel Airtel is not very active in supporting Airtel Digital Subscribers as they do not have many ways to rob their subscribers unlike in Mobile Phone Service. My free advise to Airtel Digital TV company is to shut shop and start selling onions. There you need not worry about customer service and can make hell lot of money!

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