If you had followed my twitter update, Facebook Update for last couple of weeks, you might be really wondering what happened to the Xolo Mobile Phone issue finally!

Well, finally, Xolo sent me a brand new Xolo 900Q mobile phone as they failed to repair the faulty one, after one month and 8 days!

So, for one month and 8 days, they tortured me, forced me to buy BlackBerry Z10, which I did not want to buy in the first place.

I am happy with Z10 though. But What Xolo could do in few days, they finally did in 5 weeks! And they lost respect from me forever!

I am assuming, they lost some sales due to my social media activities where I posted blogs, put status update in twitter and facebook, G+ etc.

In this age of Social Media, companies should never antagonise people who uses smartphones!

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