Recently, I had spent lot of time researching about Portable, wireless Bluetooth enabled speaker with following features
1. It should have at least two speakers or tweeters so that it gives stereo output.
2. It should have sub woofer
3. It should have good battery backup
4. It should have FM.
5. NFC is desirable, but not a must
6. It should have at least 3W output each speaker or 6W in total.
7. If it has only speaker, then it should have at least 5W.
8. It should not weigh more than 600gram.

Portronics Sublime 2

Most importantly, it must have good audio. As well as build quality.

After lot of research I mean reading customer feedback in ecommerce websites, blog posts comparing different speakers, finally I have listed few which I would recommend to anyone who bothers to ask me:

1. Portronics Sublime 2
2. Logitech X100
3. Amkette TrueMetal
4. JBL Wireless Go
5. Nokia MD
6. Portronics Comet

Anyone who has more budget than Rs 3000, will have many options which would be
1. Jabra solemate  or solemate mini
2. JBL Flip 2 or Charge 2
3. Logitech UE Boom or Boom Mini
4. Sony SRS X11 o

Given a choice or budget, I would have either bought Jabra Solemate or JBL Charge 2. But I would also bought two Sony SRS-X11 speakers to carry around or keep in my camera bag permanently.

The first list is just for those who are trying to buy Portable Bluetooth Speaker for their tablet or smartphone and don’t want to spend more than Rs. 3000 initially. Anyone who is seriously looking for alternative of their speakers built in phone or tablet, should spend at least rs. 5000 for Bluetooth Portable speaker.

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