Flipkart is again coming out with their ‘Billion Dollar’ Sale, The Big Billion Sale, which will be only available on Flipkart App, from 13 Oct to 17 Oct 2015. While many people may be excited about this sale, I am not. Rather I am feeling bad for those Flipkart customers who would be disheartened after finding out that Flipkart does not deliver those sales! I am sure that Flipkart can not deliver those products which would be sold during those sales, but it will surely block some money and banks would be happy. Most probably, making banks happy might be the reason for such sale in the first place.

Flipkart Business
Flipkart Business

Flipkart can not deliver even a lowly Mobile Cover worth Rs. 198. First they will send many emails confirming the order, then that material being packed for shipment. After a day, they would send email that parcel has been shipped. You can track the shipment in their website.

After a week, they will again send email that, it is delayed due to some unavoidable reasons, and material would be delivered next week. In the next week, they will simply email that money being refunded as they could not deliver the product. End of story.

One tweet, send email, speak to their customer care, but nothing would happen. They wont apologise for such inconvenience, blocking fund. Or they will offer any alternative!

I have attached an image of screenshot in my Flipkart account above. It happened with me. It can happen to anyone. I am not sure how many people have similar experience with Flipkart, but I am sure it would not be only me. Now I avoid Flipkart like plague.

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