Over the years, I have found out that, one must learn or know how to do few vital things to live independently. It may be impossible to live without depending on others completely, but if one knows the following things, one may live smoothly.

1. Cooking
I think cooking lesson should be compulsory for all. Every one should be at least be able to cook their own staple food, irrespective of their gender. No person should be allowed to pass school if he or she can not cook at least 3 food items. Those three food items should be their main staple diet. For example, for those who eat vegetarians, they must be able to cook either rice or roti ( Indian Bread), one daal (lentil) and one vegetable curry/fried. For non vegetarian, they should be able to cook at least one non-vegetarian dish.

2. Washing Clothes and iron

Washing own clothes, put in the Sun either manually or using a Washing Machine must be compulsory for all. Ironing of clothes should also be must along with it.

3. Cleaning House as well as utensils

Everybody should know how to clean their house. All must know how to clean their utensils.

4. Plumber Work
Everybody should learn and know how flush works in toilet, how it can be cleaned, repaired or maintained.

5. Electric Work

Everybody must learn and know how to change tube lights, bulbs or check electric meters, use main switches, locate and operate MCBs. Also everybody must have basic knowledge of wiring, color, positive/negative convention etc.

6. Painting and some carpentry

Everybody must learn and know how to paint a wall. Also how to use a hammer and put nail in wall.

7. Respect

Everybody must learn to respect any other fellow human beings whatever may their job is. Also, everybody must learn respect any work being done by others.


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