After many years, I visited Bhopal enroute to Nagpur on 29th Dec 2015 and reached there on 12pm on 30th Dec 2015 from Udaipur via Ratlam by hopping two trains.

My host was SS Patel with whom I had some amazing time. I have learnt a lot from him. It’s pity that I did not interact with him more during our college days.

I am trying to document few things I have learnt from him during our great time at his farmhouse in the evening as well as at his house.

1. One must feel proud to be following rules, not breaking it. It’s simple lesson, but it has immense importance specially when we experience traffic rule breaking in India.

2. It’s unfortunate that we do not keep our surrounding clean and expect some other human being ( sweeper) to clean our dirt.

3. Every person is unique and happy in their own ways. It’s difficult and unfair to compare individuals.

It was amazing to have met SS Patel and his family at Bhopal apart from our old classmates Deep Sharma, Piyush Shah and Rajak.
I will always remember this travel and time spent with you guys.

I wish you all good health and happiness in life.

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