My Lovestory that failed to take off

My Lovestory that failed to take off

Its just a story

Many people ask me why I drink alcohol. Here is how I am trying to answer.

Many people seem to enjoy drinking alcohol. I do not enjoy it all. I am just continuing drinking as I have nothing else to do anymore.

Once I asked a girl to wait for me in the morning next day in a beach in the evening and enjoy sunrise together. But in the evening few of my friends came to my room with few bottles of alcohol ( RUM) and it was month of October. So I ended up drunk and slept well, forgetting about that girl altogether.

Anse Lazio
Anse Lazio

I got up at around 11AM next day, sunrise was long past and I saw that girl at lunch time and remembered that I had asked her to come to the beach to enjoy sunrise together. I asked her if she had come, she said, she went there, waited for me and ended up enjoying the sunrise alone. I could not look at her eyes.

I just said sorry. I was one of the dumbest persons to have ever walked on earth at that time.

This could have been beginning of great love story of my life. But thanks to alcohol, it never took off and got ruined before it started. So I am just continuing drinking alcohol, as I have absolutely nothing else to do anymore.

Next time when you drink alcohol, think about this story.

4 thoughts on “My Lovestory that failed to take off

    1. Many people may think or console me saying that may be I was not serious, but point is, I still remember that incident very clearly. Most probably, it is a regret I am fated to live with, what if I had not got drunk on that night!

  1. “You are a ghost, driving a meat coated skeleton made of stardust, riding a rock that is hurtling through space.” Fear Nothing. Regret Nothing. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rahul saab! Fear nothing is right, most probably, I was not not afraid of anything including fear of losing something important in life! As for regret, I have not really regretted so far as there is still hope as long as one is alive! #JustThinking

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