For the first time, I took a new year resolution in 2017 to quit alcohol and meat till I lose 10 KG weight or I reach below 60KGs. And today, on 31 Jan 2017, I completed 30 days without both.

When I started the resolution, I weighed 70KGs and now I weigh, 68KGs. I did running of 57KM as per Runstatic App while Ia m assuming I must have run approx 70KM, much lower that targeted 100KM a month. I mjst have spent at least 15 hours in GYM doing some weight training as well as some other work outs.

Few of my friends have reduced their visits to my home as I stopped alcohol and meat. I think that is fine. A peson who enjoys alcohol may not like a non drinking partner, specially who has been long term drinking partner.

I have not experienced much change in my, except that, I think, my face looks little better or younger. Worst is, I could reduce just 2KGs, which is far below my expectation.

I had faced many comments after I quit alcohol. One interesting, a typical North Indian comment is, a person who has been drinking alcohol is like a person who has been in jail once, even if he comes out of jail, he remains a jail bird. And alcoholic person is like that, even if he quits drinking, he is still considered alcoholic and can not redeem himself/herself in the society. I find it quite interesting, specially the analogy.

90% people did not believe that I would stick to my resolution. But then I have been able to stick to my resolution so far. During this 30 days, I cooked chicken at home three times and I did not eat even once. I was eating fish though. I even ate fish worth Rupees 1000 at Karol Bagh in New Delhi.

Here are few things I realised during this period:-
1. Majority of my friends are alcohol drinkers.
2. People normally doubt that one can quit alcohol.
3. There is serious peer pressure to drink.
4. Quitting alcohol is easier than quitting meat.
5. Smell of cooked meat is more tempting that smell of alcohol.
6. One may not lose weight automatically if one quits alcohol and meat.
7. One looks younger when one quits alcohol.

Thanks for reading this far. I will update more when I actually reach below 60KGs and if I get to hear more interesting comment/feedback from others.

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