What is risk of buying ‘not so famous’ or non-branded mobile phone in Indian market ?

1. Quality Control
Its almost lottery while buying a premium looking, specification rich yet low cost or affordable mobile phone from ‘non-branded’ or non premium brand mobile manufacturer in India. If you get a good piece, well, you are lucky, if not, then you would encounter their nightmarish service!

Recently, I bought a XOLO Q900 mobile phone from a shop in Udaipur and I was plain unlucky in the lottery! I got a poor quality handset and in 2 months, the handset started showing WIFI problem! It just does not switch on WIFI so I could not enable whireless hotspot rendering my Nexus tab ( Wifi Only) useless!

Finally, I had to deposit the handset in its service centre in Udaipur and today on 10 June 2014, its almost 6 days, but no update! But Had it been Iphone, IPhone reseller would have promptly replace with new one! It happened with me..

Another of my friend is using the same model for last 5 months, working fine, no issue at all! My friend is lucky, I am not.

I tweeted many times to Xolo Twitter ID, no reply, sent many emails, got replies after two days with normal and general lines like thank you, we are checking your complaint.. blah blah..

So, my advice to all, if you want to gamble, buy a not so premium phone, if it works, you are lucky, if not, stick to premium brand like IPhone, Samsung, Nokia etc.

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