Month: November 2012


The Silent Telecom Scam: How Airtel tries to steal money from me

Yesterday, I got an SMS from Airtel, thanking me for choosing their AUDIO TALKIES! Also, they promptly deducted Rs.1 from my balance! Wow! what a service! Only problem is, I never heard of such service AUDIO TALKIES, and I never subscribed to it! So, I promptly tweeted to Airtel_Presence as well as updated in my […]


Why migrant communities live near railway stations in India?

While traveling around India, as well as some other South Asian countries, I have observed that, the migrant communities normally live in and around railway stations! I have not found any difference in this pattern even in Raurkela, in my numerous visits here! Raurkela was a place of Adivasis ( original inhabitants of India, now […]

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