Normally I visit my village in Assam in the month of January every year from Udaipur, Rajasthan. But this year in 2014, I had to travel to Assam due to my personal problem as well as official work in November too. Since I was going to take a very early morning flight from Ahmedabad to Guwahati, I decided to come one day early to Ahmedabad and wanted to see residence cum museum of Dr. Tejus Naik in Ahmedabad. Times of India, Ahemdabad Edition carried a full page story on the same few weeks ago.

So, accordingly I sent a Facebook Message to Dr. Tejus Naik, whom I met once in 2013 in Kumbhalgarh National Park during a birding trip. As soon as Dr. Tejus Naik got the message, he called me up asked to visit him and also to spend the night with him at his residence. It was an invitation which I could not refuse and I thank my stars that I readily agreed. Though at that time, my one consideration as to save money of lodging in a hotel in Ahemdabad for the night or having to spend the night at Ahmedabad Airport. But by that invitation, it not only saved few thousand rupees of me, but it has also enriched with an experience for which I would always remain indebted to Dr. Tejus Naik.

The day with Dr. Tejus Naik started with a nice lunch at Navarangpura area of Ahmedabad and we drove to his residence cum museum at Heritage Homes, Thaltej, Ahemdabad, Off SG Highway. The bungalow is located near entrance and full of fruit trees for birds to perch and feed! There was also couple of bird perching arrangements as well as water bowls for avian world! I really felt good!

Rest, Here is sample picture gallery :

Dr. Tejus Naik started with Lord Ganesha collection and ended with Bharat Ratna Medal! He has collection of various antique items of 40 different subjects which also includes the following :-

1. Coins – contemporary, vintage
2. Fossils
3. Camera
4. Phones
5. Recordings
6. Typewriters
7. Beetle-nut crushers
8. Lock and keys
9. Postage Stamps
10. Birds of Coins
11. Birds of Stamps
12. Letters from pas dignitaries
13. Ink pots
14. Pens
15. Paintings of contemporary artists
16. Water heating System
17. Horses
18. Bells
19. Glass wares
20. Hookah
21. Doors
32. Almira
33. Stone Carvings
34. Ganesha
35. Ancient manuscripts
36. Utensils
37. Scales
38. Maps
39. Porcelain
40. Crystals

Dr. Tejus Naik is multi talented great personality with deep knowledge on all above 40 subjects and a pediatric surgeon by profession, but is a highly skilled musician, painter, photographer, wild life enthusaist, birder and last butt he least, a great human being.

He comes from a illustrious family where his grapnd father was Interim PM for two times and won Bharat Ratna in 1998. Also his grandfather Guljarilal Nanda was given highest civilian award of Bangladesh! Most probably, an unique honour where a single person has got highest civilian awards from two countries!

He has very knowledgeable and accomplished wife Payal Naik and a beautiful, highly talented daughter Vidhi who is already a good photographer while studying class nine.

I was overwhelmed with the warmth and love they treated me and the awesome Gujrati food they served me for dinner. It was pity that I could not eat much as I was on strict diet due to tough weight loss schedule.

I would highly recommend everyone to visit this residence cum museum which is an unique feat by Dr. Tejus Naik. Till now, Only kings, government had museum, that too on couple of subjects only. One may contact Mr. Tejus Naik through his Facebook page as well as phone number for prior appointment for visiting this residence cum museum.

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