After reaching Phakding the previous day on 30th Sept 2022, when we got up on 1st Oct 2022 and was getting ready for the days gruelling trek to Namche Bazaar, we realised that we have started forgetting the date as well as the day!

I did not need to use alarm clock to wake up, as my bowel movement had alerted me to wake up around 5:45AM in the morning. Later, I found outt hat waking up at 5:45AM is not considered very early.

By 8AM, we were ready to start walking to Namche Bazaar. For the first few kilometers, it seemed pretty easy and comfortable. I was so comfortable that,I thought, I would skip lunch and would try to lose some weight which might help me in next few days!

There were occasional steep climb, but mostly easy trekking for almost 7KM. After 7.5KM, we crossed a hanging bridge! And the struggle began! Once I crossed the bridge, steep trekking began till the time we reached outskirt of Namche Bazaar where we had to show our permits and made entries.

it took almost 40 minutes for the formalities to be completed at check-point, but that gave us good rest. Also, we could feel the low temperature as we have reached altitude of almost 3350 meters by then. It still had tree cover.

It took another lazy 30 minutes of trekking before we saw 3/4 houses of Namche Bazaar. Was almost disppointed as those houses did not resemble what pictures of Namche Bazaar we saw in internet! But as soon as we crossed those houses, we had make small climb to reach Namche as in many photos in internet!

We decided to look for a hotel at a height so that we would have good view of Namche Bazaar, so we again climbed few more meters and settled ona hotel for the night.

It was tough climb but not very tiring. Within an hour of lying down on bed, we moved to retaurant for dinner and speak to fello trekkers and locals!

I was bored in hotel room, nothing to do. So, finally, decided to trek to Everest View hotel. So we started trekking ata round 9:30AM.

After walking for half KM, it was steep trek upwards. But then, since it was relaxed day, we took as many stops as humanely possible. Then we reached not so steep trek which was kind of normal walk. There was gradual elevation, not very difficult. We saw many people walking back as they finished the trek.

FInally we reached the hotel and the view was really nice! Since it was cloudy and sunny in between, we could soem peaks. But we could not locate moutn Everest.

We spent approx one hour sipping hot tea and some snacks. Many others, mostly latecomers like us also arrived.

I think, this is a good trek to spend time and have a nice view. It is worth the effort and trouble.

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