Recently I purchased Samsung S20 FE 5G which is the most expensive mobile phone I ahve ever bought. I never wanted to spend more than Rs. 15000/- for a smartphone ( simply becasue I ado not have enough money to splurge) and the decision was big thing for me. While deciding on buying the mobile phone, I did some research on mobile phones as ell as thought what kind of phone I was looking to buy if I have to spend some Rs.30000/- after exchanging my old Xiaomi phone Redmi Note 8. Here are the things I wanted in my mobile phone :

1. Water proof or at last IP68 rating
2. Reasonably good camera, out of box or with the inbuilt camera app.
3. Reasonably fast processor so that it will survive another 3 years, I am not going to change mobile phone for next 3 years.
4. Reasonably good back up and if possible wireless charging feature. I wanted this as I have damaged the charging port in few mobiles before. So, I always thought, Wireless or Magnetic charging is a good thing to have.
5. Reasonably good display, not too big so that I should be able to hold and operate with one hand.

I shortlisted three mobiles, OnePlus Nord 2 5G, Xiaomi MI 11X 5G and Samsung S20 FE 5G and finally ended up buying Samsung S20 FE 5G. Most probably, other two options were cheaper for me, but due to Amazon Great Indian festival sales, I ended up buying the Samsung S20 FE 5G at Rs. 27955 after exchanging my old mobile.

During this reseacrh and purchase time, I startd thinking, what kinf of features or innovations smartphone should have in 2022 and later. Here is my wishlist

1. Smartphones should get rid of all buttons. Like power on, volume up/down. No, those buttons are not needed. It should start when battery is charged and shut down itself when there is no enough battery. It should be in sleep mode perpetually ( of course it should keep performing its telephonic duties and other social media on configuration) when not in use.
Why do you need a dedicated volume up or down when you can touch the screen or make gesture to do so ?

2. USB C, 3.5mm Audio Port and SIM tray/ External Memory Card slot should be removed. E-SIM should be only option. Its already 2020, why do we need to have SIM anymore ? Only Wireless or Magnetic charging should be allowed. Why should we have all those conenctors and trays in 2022 ? Remove them all and make all phone IP68 rated.

3. MIC and Speaker. These are two essential things which most probably will remain in any smartphone for next 5/6 years. So, most probably they should remain as it is or most probably, they can pop-out a bit when in use and hide themselves when not in use.

4. IP68 rating
Yes, water proofing should be must.

5. Collission alert and prevention system
This feature should be a must just like safety feature in a car. When it falls down from a table or first floor, it should try to rotate itself and fall on its back to save its disply, or start floating using a small parachute like system. When someone throws it against wall, it should be able to save itself from breaking down.

6. Ability to project.
It should be able to work as a projector upto say 40inch or so, at a distance of 10/15 feet.

7. Ability to contract and remain light weight
While 6″ or 6.5″ inch display seems “NOT BIG ENOUGH”, but still, other than the display unit, the enclosure should contract itself so that they fit better in pockets or hand on demand.

That is all my wishlist! What is your wish list ?

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