Recently, I had a chance to drive State Highway No 25 ( SH-25) between Rajkot to Jamnagar in Gujarat in March 5, 2013 and I felt so good driving there that I thought I must post an article about it.

Well, before I drove on this road, I thought the Delhi Panipath National Highway was the best in India. Not anymore. I think State Highways in Gujarat are better than any National Highways anywhere in India.

I have never seen such beautiful state highway in anywhere in India, for such long distance of approximately 100KM. I have seen good state highway in patches in Rajasthan. As I am from Assam, the national highway 52 is a joke in comparison to Gujarat’s SH 25. I just dont want to mention about any state highway or PWD roads of Assam.

Happy Gujarati Posed for me
Happy Gujarati Posed for me

I also found people in Gujarat immensely proud of their CM Naranedra Modi. I have not experienced such admiration of people for their chief minister anywhere in recent times. If few people admired the CM, few others were always cursing the CM of the state for any ill there. Not in Gujarat.

I also met one of my brothers who is serving in Indian Navy as doctor. He has also informed me about awesome roads in villages of Kutch areas which are better than National Highways of Assam or North East India.

While, I had traveled to Ahemdeabad from Udaipur many times by road, as soon as I crossed Rajasthan Border, I could see the difference. The roads are better managed, lot of showrooms for cars seen in towns like Himmat Nagar.

People seem to be happy in Gujarat or may be I met only happy people in Gujarat.

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