Yesterday, I got an SMS from Airtel, thanking me for choosing their AUDIO TALKIES! Also, they promptly deducted Rs.1 from my balance! Wow! what a service! Only problem is, I never heard of such service AUDIO TALKIES, and I never subscribed to it!

So, I promptly tweeted to Airtel_Presence as well as updated in my Facebook. Also, I sent an email to Airtel Customer Care email ID as well as its nodal officer of Delhi/NCR. I am still waiting for their response.

How Airtel tries to steal money from me!

My Facebook post received many comments quickly from my friends. One person informed me that its Telecom Companies trick to increase their bottom-line by activating these kind services and then deducting money from its subscribers.

Well, it is not first time that Airtel tried to steal money from me. It tried twice before. Once it tried to steal Rs. 1 from me and I got it back. Next time it tried to steal Rs. 10 from me saying I downloaded some video using GPRS while I was using Nokia 1100 mobile phone!

With such experiences, I think, Airtel is committing a silent robbery by activating VAS ( value added service) unauthorized and deducting mobile balances. And they refund it if some one complaints, else they think, they are successful in stealing the money.

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