If you are parents of kid around 5 years old, if you have a TV with cable connection ( or DTH), chances are you have bought an item called “Kinder Joy” for your kid. This product Kinder Joy is advertised extensively in all Kid’s channels like Cartoon Network, Ceebies etc.and chances are, you get to watch its advertisements at leas once in every 10 minutes. Also, your kids.

The cost of this Kinder Joy is Rs. 30. But did you know what contents does it have ? Here is the pictorial explanation :-

This is Kinder Joy:

This is front side of Kinder Joy


This is backside of Kinder Joy

And if you open it, you get these two :-

Two sides after opening Kinder Joy

You get this toy if you open the right side along with one spoon:-

Some toy in the right portion

And here you get some sweets in the left which your children can eat with the spoon above!

Sweets in Kinder Joy

That’s all about Kinder Joy! Parents keep buying this for their children paying Rs. 30 for each!

I have no idea why the price of this kids item is priced at Rs. 30 while a BPL ( Below Poverty Line) family is supposed to live with Rs. 32 per day ?

I used to buy this for my 6 year old daughter. Now I have stopped. I do not want to pay for Kinder Joy’s cost of advertisements.

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