Recently, I observed a small spot on the sensor of my Nikon DSLR D7000 while viewing through its viewfinder. I also noticed a small spot on printouts of photos with sky or white background!

I almost got panicked and decided to handover the camera to Nikon service centre in Udaipur as my camera was not even 10 months old! I first called up Nikon toll free number, listed in their website and I was informed about a service centre in Udaipur.

On visiting Udaipur Service Centre, I came to know that, it would take at least 8 days to get the cleaning done! They would send the camera to Jaipur where it would be checked and sent back again to Udaipur! I had no option but to give my camera to them for cleaning there!

Well, the distance between Jaipur and Udaipur is 420KM! Even if they sen it by courier, it should not take more than a day! So, it should not take more than 3 days to come back to Udaipur! But they think, it will take at least 8 days! Can someone believe such slow servicing of a 760gram product costing Rs. 69000/- ?

And how come Nikon does not have a service centre in a city like Udaipur which is a premium tourist destinations in India ?

Can Nikon survive in a competitive era of Twitter, Facebook where social media causes revolution in countries ?

If this practice continues, I think Nikon will go bankrupt soon! If it happens one more time with me, I am surely moving to Canon and will advise everyone to ditch Nikon and go for Canon or other brands.

I hope all Nikon users who have experienced similar long service time, must voice their concerns to Nikon make their service much quicker!

UPDATE on 25 Jan 2013:

After I posted on Nikon India Facebook page about my displeasure, I got Nikon India Service Email Id and I promptly emailed them and they promptly responded that the Camera is already back in Udiapur on 24th Jan 2013 ( I sent them for repair on 22 Jan 2013) itself. I was impressed by the quick response and service.

But as soon as I checked my Camera, my appreciation has turned into fury, Nikon did not clean the spot at all, but also introduced three more spots on the sensor 🙁 I wrote them an email and now waiting for their response.

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