My opinion about democracy in India is not good. In fact, in my opinion, democracy is not good for India. It is creating some major problems which require urgent attention and fixing. These problems are responsible for unsatisfactory progress in India.

And that is just my personal opinion, I am neither political science expert, nor any have seen politics in India closely. But, I have so far experienced two things about democracy in India which has convinced me that democracy is not fit for India, at least as of now.

1. Party Loyalty

In my village, even if you belong to a BPL family, but if the local party which is in power, is not the one whom you vote for you wont get any benefits entitled to a BPL family. Worst part is, when this happens, the BPL family does not object, because that family think, there is nothing wrong in it!

For example, BPL family gets a concrete house as per IAY ( Indira Awaj Yojna). I do not know exact procedure how a beneficiary is selected, but I know that the local elected Gaon Panchayat President has a role to play here. And normally if the GPP is from X political party, he never gives the IAY to a BPL family which is known to vote for Y political party. I have seen, if there is no BPL family left among those who support X Political Party, then they would give the benefit to one who had already benefited earlier, but never to a BPL family who is known/suspected to vote for Y party.

I have met many educated people, who do not see anything wrong in it!

2. Caste Groupism

Everybody in India belongs to a community. And all members in that community flock together, stay together. Nothing wrong in that. But I have seen many instances when a person from X community is found to be guilty in some crime under constitution of the land, or a crime like murder or whatever, his community come together start supporting him and urge the government to either pardon him or adamant on the claim that he is innocent, even if there are many evidences!

This type of community camaraderie extends to many things! The worst part is, the government takes a decision in favour of that person because they fear that they will lose support from that community and may lose next election!

I have not met many people who find this things to be wrong and accept them perfectly as normal thing!

I have not seen much changes in last 15 years, anywhere in India.

This is my personal opinion. If anyone thinks this is not appropriate and may help anyone inimical to Indian state, I will be happy to remove this post.

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