For last few weeks, I read many reviews about smart phones, Android, IOS from Apple, Windows 8 etc. that I was almost tempted to book a domain and start blogging about smartphones, Mobile OS reviews! And I was so confused that I could not decide which mobile phone to buy.

I have been a Blackberry user and occasionally used IPhone. My attempt to use IPhone did not work out. I had Apple 3GS and IOS version 4. While, It was fun to use it, I did not feel very comfortable using it. I felt using a toy more than a serious equipment, mobile phone, a high end, modern communication device.

SO, this time I decided to buy an Android Phone and keep it continue with it. I almost became mobile retarded as I was not using either Android or IOS which I found, everybody else were using. People used to talk about ‘Apps’ while I used to look blank!

While I was inclined to buy some Samsung Sartphones like Galaxy S2, S3 or S4, I finally decided to buy a Micromax Canvas HD A116. Here are few reasons for that:-

1. Cost

Galaxy S3 was costing approximately Rs. 25000 while Micromax Canvas HD A116 cost me almost half the price at Rs. 13000/-
Since, I do not play games on mobile and I do not listen to music much, I think investing Rs. 25000/- may not be an wise decision.

2. Brand

Samsung surely has bigger brand value and I think it has better quality than Micromax, but I am not very particualr about brands. I just needed an latest Android OS, a fast processor and memory. Micromax A116 fits the bill.

3. Upgrade and Experiments

I hope to do lot of experimentation with my phone. I may not want to do many experiments with Rs. 25000, but wont mind the same with a Rs. 13000 phones. So, I figured, I better buy Micromax A116.

4. Camera and screen size

8MP phone was my requirement and Canvas HD A116 does have it! I am not very happy with its performance in bad light, but I have a DSLR for taking photograph! I just needed a camera with geo-tagging facility to shoot some landscape. I found the camera in Canvas HD is good enough!

I also wanted a bigger screen to read documents. I think 5″ is good enough for my requirements. Samsung Galaxy S2 had smaller screen.

I am using for last few days now. I am learning Android, I have not found any reason to complaint so far.

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