I bought Micromax Canvas HD which is a very good phone. A very good for a very good price and I was very happy witht he phone. Still, I sold that n Facebook and ended up buying a Samsung Tab 3 211. I think I would write, why I did that.

1.After using Micromax Canvas HD for some 15 days, I realised that, the 5″ screen is too large to keep them in pocket and not so large that one can actually enjoy some video! Either way, it fails! Though it has excellent screen!

2. Due to its 5″ screen size, the touch keyboard was not big enough to use both hands and small enough to use one hand, for me. So, I was making lot of typing mistakes.

3. The audio quality of Micromax Canvas HD was really, really bad. It wasnot even as good as Samsung Guru Music phone! It also provided a very poor quality or bad headphone. I did not like them.

My top reason is #1 as above. I am not a very music person, so I can live with bad audio. But the inconvenience in carrying it in pocket and carrying in hand ws what finally forced me to go for either 4″ screen or 7″ screen. Finally, I succumbed to 7″ screen.

I am happy with Samsug Tab 3 211, its surely huge to speak holding it near ears, but then I got a BlueTooth headphone. Its not exactly easy to carry in hand, but I do not carry in my hand, I either keep it in my bag. When call comes, I dont see the caller id and just pick the call!

I can now actually watch a video! Samsung did not give me any headphone too, but then I recently bought Samsung Guru, costing me Rs. 1650 which gave me a good quality headphone and it can be used with Samsung Tab and I am fine!

I will share more experience with this new gadget.

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