Till now, I have never put any Copyright notice or copyright water mark on any of the photos I have taken. But I have decided to use copyright watermark in my photographs. Yes, old photographs will remain without any watermark.

Steppe Eagle
Steppe Eagle

Here are reasons, why I did not put any copyright watermark before:-

1. I did not feel, the photographs were ‘good enough’ to have copyright water mark! So, I never thought some one would actually use them! So, why bother with water mark!

2. I did not know any easy way to put water mark on the photograph without using Photoshop software. So I did not put any water mark in my photographs.

3. I thought, I am not going to make money with my photographs, why should I put copyright watermark! I thought photography is juts my hobby and let it remain like that.

But, I have changed my thinking. This is not that I suddenly started thinking my photographs are now good enough to have watermark. But Anurag Kushwaha, an artist and my friend, has convinced me that, I must put water mark for benefit of others. I do not know, how other people will be benefited by water mark on my photographs, but I agreed with him.

So, if you take photographs, have you thought, why you put copyright watermark or why you don’t put ?

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