How I started losing weight and then lost 16 KGs

How I started losing weight and then lost 16 KGs

I really liked the above Title Tag and almost dreamed to post an article with such Title for last few years! Finally, today I am posting that article!

Me Then And Now
Me Then And Now

( Thanks Nirmal Solanki for this photo )
First thing first, I have been overweight since 1999, first it reached 72Kgs in 1999. I thought its just 72KGs, can lose it whenever I feel like. Then by 2004, it reached 80KGs, and I thought, its still manageable, just 15KGs overweight. Years passed by, and then in 2012, I reached 86Kgs. Started thinking, its difficult to lose weight. But I must lose weight now. So I bought a home gym from Ebay and thought, in next six months or so, I would lose at least 10 KGs. No it did not happen.

It continued for next 2 years till March 2014. After many unsuccessful previous “Final Decisions” to lose weight, I took one more final decisions to lose weight. And here are steps I took:-

1. Bought Mirrors

I bought mirrors, big size mirrors and installed them in my living room, bedroom, opposite dining table. I also installed one in the place where I kept my home gym in March 2014.
I could not avoid looking at my body. Before these mirrors were there, I used to look at my body at barber shop which have bigger mirrors and said to myself, ohh man, I look awful, I must lose weight. Once out of barber shop, I used to forget.

How I started Losing Weight
How I started Losing Weight

2. Started Running before weight training
I used to warm up before using the Home Gym by jumping few seconds or by doing skipping some 50 times. I stopped those nonsense, started running in my terrace only. I could not run even 10 rounds in my terrace initially in March 2014. Then I increased it to 20, then to 40, then 50, then 60, then 100 and then finally 120 rounds. Running 120 rounds in my terrace takes approximately 20 minutes and make 2KM. It helped me increase stamina as well as it helped me lose weight.

3. I started doing weight training

Weight Training seemed to be easiest thing to do. So, I have been doing it for last 6 months now. After running for 20 minutes, I do situp 45 times in 3 rounds, 15times each round. It was difficult to start weigh training, but I was lucky to have one friend who was also interested losing weight. So during initial period, he accompanied me, later on, I used to do even when I am alone.

4. Kept eating non-veg, drinking beer and whiskey

Yes, I kept drinking beer, whiskey on almost every weekends, sometimes even on Wednesdays. Only thing I avoided was, I almost stopped salt in food ( except non-veg) and anything sweet, either in tea or any other liquid.

Me in June 2014
Me in June 2014

5. No, I was not very regular
I have to travel for works sometimes for a week. During that period, while I did not do any weight training or exercise, I tried to walk in the morning. But as usual, during travel one tends to eat more, and I was doing the same. During March to September 2014, I was out of home traveling for at least 15 days ( not continuously) during which I did not do any exercise, drank beer a lot, ate lot of non-veg food.

Bottom Line for reducing weight, according to my experience :-

1. Hardest part is to take the final decision to lose weight. So, one should list 99 excuses not to do workouts, gym and find one reason to do. Go with that reason. Mirrors help you as you will feel bad about your body and it will inspire you. It helped me a lot.

2. Initially, it helps to have a friend who would accompany in work-outs, gym and do all sorts of exercise. But when result starts appearing, it becomes easier to go to gym all alone.

3. Burning calorie is more important than starving you to lose weight. Its too boring not to eat food those you like. So, personally, I think, one should concentrate more on burning calorie than reducing calorie intake.

Hope this will help you too, happy losing weight!

My story does not end here though! I am hoping to continue this post and put to a logical end in few months.

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