I have no idea about ‘New Things’ and that exactly is what it makes them new things to me.

Two years ago, I met Crazy Chicken in Udaipur and we did a whirlwind tour of wild life sanctuaries in Rajasthan looking for birds and I developed idea to look for “new things” in life to know, learn and experience it.

It has continued and I met some amazing people from different countries in world in Udaipur and have been able to spend some amazing time, experiencing new things, or experiencing old things in new ways.

One of such amazing person I have met is Noam Grebler from Spain and he is 20 years old, almost half of my age. And I realised, here is a guy, who is out in the world experiencing new things at the age of 20! And in that age, what was I doing? Most probably, trying to survive in the world!

Noam could travel India and could visit all its exotic places described in ‘Incredible India” advertisement, but he chose to become a traveler in India, not a tourist. He did not spend nights in a hotel room watching flat screen TVs and updating his Facebok accounts with interesting pictures taken during day and waiting for comments/likes. But he chose to disappear in thick jungle of Indians, 1.3 billion of it! Unthinkable!


He reached Udaipur, spent the night with me in my house and then we went to spend a night in Menar village in a tent. Next day, we jumped into a well and discussed about adrenaline!

Noam told me about Spain, civilisation in Europe, how it compares with India or how it does not compare. He told me how people are different and how they are same. And finally, how human will actually battle ‘robots’ in future. Why would any state allow you, a poor human being, to drive a car just because you love driving, when a robot has chance of accident 0.000001% while human has chance of accident 1%, he asked. Google already has driver-less car, no ? DSLR calculates the light, saturate color, adjusts light and shadow.. art of photography is dying!!

We jumped Into a Well
We jumped Into a Well

I can no longer give and find any excuse, I must learn, experience new things in life too. And I will not be afraid about new things. Bottom line is, I will be a kid again, trying to learn things, around me, go to places to find new things.

Thanks Noam Grebler.

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