One of my bucket list of ‘things to do’ was to do Sirsasana ( head stand) at 17000 feet. Recently, I traveled to Leh and fortunate enough to be able to fulfill the wish by doing Sirsasana at Khardungla Pas, which is claimed to be highest motorable pas at 18350 feet. My mobile phone showed it as 5340 meters altitude. I am assuming 18350 feet is the correct altitude of this pas.

Headstand at high altitude

Here is the screenshot from my mobile phone

Location and Elevation of Khardunga Pas

I could not do the Sirsasana at the location where many tourists were swarming , so we drove little ahead, approx 50 meters to a find little less crowded area.

Its not normally recommended to do head stand or Sirsasana at high altitude due to less oxygen, high BP. Also generally, one should not do head stand if one has high blood pressure. Before doing this head stand ( Sirsasana), I acclimatised myself at Leh town for three nights. I checked by Blood pressure, which was on little higher side of the normal. So I thought it would be safe for me to do.

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