I used to hear about the sentence ( or half sentence) “Develop taste for it” here and there. I never quite understood it, though on looking back, I actually implemented it couple of times before.

When young men ( or women, to be politically correct) starts drinking alcohol during their college days, mostly under peer pressure, they normally don’t like the taste of alcohol initially. Then they develop taste for whiskey, rum or beer. I did develop taste for rum, then for whiskey eventually. It took many years to develop taste for beer though.

“Developing taste for” did not stop at alcoholic drinks though. When I was struggling to reduce weight, I did develop taste for food without salt. Also tea or other beverages without sugar. And the experience had been amazing. I finally understood the meaning of “develop taste for it”.

I have also heard that people develop taste for wine. I have not been wine drinker and I have actually no clue how one develops taste for wine, but now a days, I at least understand it that one develops taste for wine.

Developing taste can be extended to many things. I did not like reading travel stories, or long fictions. But I developed taste for that over the years. I also used to hate reading long essays on world affairs, but developed taste for it.

To lead a healthy and happy life, most probably, its very important to develop taste for healthy foods, healthy habits. I suffered weight gain issues ( I still do) as I developed tastes for north Indian spicy foods. I am trying hard to abandon that taste now. I am also trying hard to abandon taste for some alcoholic beverages so that I dont end up drinking more of them.

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